Journal of Testimonies (2016)

August 13, 2016
Leg Grew and Back Pain Healed
I laid my hands on a homeless person, who happened to experience back pain due to the legs of unequal lengths. I commanded the left leg to grow and be healed. On the spot, his leg had a jerk. When he stood back up, his legs were of even length and the back pain was gone. Miracles do happen, for the sake of the testimony of Jesus Christ, that He died on the cross, and resurrected, and ascended to Heaven. And that all who admit their wrongs (sins) and receive Him as Savior and Lord shall be saved.

July, 2016
Lost Sheep
I knew if I left my roommate’s cat outside the apartment, she would have wandered into the woods. But I was just busy cooking on the inside. Slowly she walked farther and farther exploring the fresh new domains. The next second, when I looked out the window, she was gone. Oh my… I was close to panic. High and low, far and near I searched but to no avail. I sat disappointed on the grass. I prayed but there was no voice, nor any prompting on the whereabouts. Well, I gotta pick up myself, and try to narrow down the possible areas. I went deep down into the woods. The sky was still bright but it was closer and closer to sunset. Then I had this voice in my head, “My sheep recognize my voice.” (It is a verse in John 10). So, I called her name over and over again. I turned back, and there she was hunting for squirrels. As I walked to her, she playfully refused to be picked up and wanted to continue hunting squirrels. Like a lost sheep, I’ve gone into the woods but God never give in pursuing His own.

Shoulder Pain Healed
I walked up to a young guy around my age. He said he has a chronic pain on his left shoulder. I laid my hands on him, saying that Jesus loves him and let the shoulder be healed. His eyes were lit. He asked me what I did. I said, Jesus just healed you. Because that Jesus was nailed to the cross, we can claim both forgiveness and healing through Him!

June, 2016
I was homeless (in a way), and out of “proper” employment. I sent in an application for housing. And people told me over and over that it was competitive. However, within days I got replies. More so, there was a voice one afternoon that I doubted, giving me the impression that there would be an email about the offer. When I checked later, it was exactly as told. Know that God is my Father, as written in Matthew 6: The birds of the air do not sow or reap or gather into barns—and yet the Heavenly Father feeds them. Are we not much more valuable than the birds?

Apr 23, 2016
While I was walking downtown, the lonely thought bothered me. So, I spoke to God as a child would ask a father, “Let me talk with someone…”. Soon enough, I ran into a good old classmate. Some time later, another two fellow friends showed up. It was a silly petition, but God was gracious.

Apr 10, 2016
Sore Throat

I’ve been having a sore throat since yesterday. And this morning, God says, “I will heal you. Ask for it, and you will be healed.” Well, the pain is gone now, just as I believed it.

July, 2015
Cross Road
I saw the pedestrian light turned green from a distance. In my mind, I estimated that there would be enough time to get across. Unknowingly, there was a car approaching from the opposite while a truck was coming from behind. For a second, I hesitated right in the middle of the road. As soon as the truck honked at me, I quickly rode by. I was appalled at what had just happened. That “close shave” could have resulted in a serial crash, or critical injury, or fatality for me. But, I was just moved through the cross road.

Dec 1, 2010
Math Exam
I confidently thought to myself, that the math exam that I just finished answering was all good. However, a voice (a gentle yet convicting thought) told me to reexamine my work. There you go, one, two, three, four …. slips & mistakes being pointed out, one by one. I was guided through the workings for each & every one of them, including those that I was stuck at.

Dog Bullies
The sky was dark as I walked past a house. Its gate was left unclosed with a narrow opening. Suddenly, a black dog rushed out and barked at me. Shortly later, another brown dog rushed out and followed. I froze there for awhile. I couldn’t help but made a distressed prayer to God. Some time later, their owner shouted them in and, I was safe and unhurt.

I looked into the far horizon of a sea. The gentle breeze swiped over my face, while the evening light was so real and vivid. I stood in the wind as the sand sank between my toes, while the waves motioned back and forth. At that moment, a voice spoke right into my heart saying, “I love you, my son.” My eyes were rolling watery. I couldn’t remember exactly what was the content, but He spoke directly into my heart that day.

… to be continued (if I recall)