Living Faith

Then Jesus said to his disciples, “Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves and take up their cross and follow me. — Matthew 16:24

To debate on the head knowledge is easy, but to obey and live it out is self-challenging. The victorious future in God is sure, but we’re also left in the “meantime”. Jesus knew that the victory over death/sin was sure, but He’d to obey the Father and walked up to the Cross during the “meantime”. If we are called to imitate Christ while following him, we must also obey what He has told us to do.

For the present suffering and being uncomfortable are only a growing pain in the light of seeing souls joining in into the love, freedom, glory, and life flowing unendingly in God. This world will never cease to feed individual complacency and self-sufficiency in itself. The moral values are promoted, but always apart from God. In the name of religion, peace is felt generally, but not the surpassing flow of joy that gushes forth from within the conscience that at once recognizes that it is God himself through Jesus Christ.

Whatever accomplishments and possessions are but, external to the person. Abraham had great possessions, cattle, servants, riches, reputation and so on, but in his heart he understood that he owned nothing. He understood in obedience as he was about to lay his hand on his son. Yet, he also worked on what has been entrusted to him, blessings and not curse as by mismanagement. In the “meantime”, he was faithful to multiplying what God has entrusted to him, while knowing that they are also temporary in this passing world. Only what God sustains is eternal.

There is nothing beyond God’s knowledge. No matter what mistakes, detours, frustrations, and struggles. What is God’s, God will take care, given that the entire universe was created within His unlimited capacity. Such is a great God we serve, and by His Holy Spirit living within us shall we live. It is still in the “meantime” where we live. So, let all that we do be done as unto the glory of God. Make everyday count as for the day of visitation, the Glorious Day which the saints of old and generations to generations have proclaimed. Let’s start praying without cease and be led by the Spirit to engage the world.

Keywords: Radiator, filter, peacemaker, connector, fellow neighbor/worker, priest, disciple


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