You become who you Look Up to

…fixing our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of faith… — Hebrews 12:2

In a world passing with digital data collected and utilized, calendar running with schedules arranged, and decisions made to the best of knowledge, no one is fully aware and in control of all the happenings in the world. This fact remains despite one rises to be the most powerful or wealthiest man in the face of the earth. Not to mention bearing this ambition as a life goal.

Nevertheless, there is an even more challenging quest that some will encounter. The difference is, this quest rewards security amid worrisome uncertainties, and the pursuer does not need to be controlling in order to gain it.

Walked on Water (Literally!)

In Matthew 14:28-31, Peter asked Jesus to allow him to “walk on water” (WOW! What an absurd request!). There he was, asking God to allow him to get out of his comfort zone — the boat, to do the impossible or the unconventional. Why did he ask, in the first place? (suspense for the moment) Continuing on, the passage says, that God was right there. So, when he came to encounter God, he knew he could ask for the impossible, and do it himself (well of course, by God’s power).

Now, he got out of the boat while looking to Jesus. In the next second, he was looking to the left and looking to the right. Guess what? Natural laws decided to work on him, and so he started sinking. (I wonder what was the sinking rate. Whether immediately, or sinking slowly — eg. first the ankles, then the limbs, knees, waist, …….) Anyway, as a matter of fact, walking on water was itself challenging and uncommon. But, it’s also natural for any human being to look to the left and to the right, to test the waters and see if there is a slightest support or affirmation or backup positions. In reality, from the time Peter entered the water zone, and acted against natural laws, it was God’s power that made the exception to the miracle. If Peter had acted before asking God, it would have been a foolish act. What more during a windy night.

Fix your Eyes on Jesus

However, God had indeed allowed Peter to do the impossible, and had taken care of him throughout the miraculous event. Peter was sinking, but Jesus held him out of the water and walked with him into the boat where the other disciples were.

Hence, there is one practice that needs to be honed in when doing God’s assignment, that is to focus on Jesus, and act by His power and providence. Relationships with people are vital to a healthy life, but they are not life sources. Looking to the left, and looking to the right, would not provide any useful support during stage time. Only God is the source of life, and He will certainly provide the nourishment and necessities to enrich those relationships with people.

The next time when doubt strikes, be still and know that God is in the midst!

Psalm 139


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