Faith in Trying Times

Life is tough, days are bad, but faith is needed. (?)

See, pal… Don’t tell me about faith. It is not solving the problems.
Just, don’t throw in the faith word. It isn’t helping at all.

Tough Times

For the past 6 months, I have been working on what I loved so much, a project that I could pour my talents, time, and interests so tirelessly. Now, due to the lack of funding, the project is canceled, and I’m out of work all of a sudden.

… // …

Things were not well for the past 2 years, but I was able to make the ends meet, just merely… AND this morning, out of nowhere, I was told that I have a little growing tumor in my brain. Great. 2 years of struggles day by day, and now my brain is abnormal.

… // …

See, it isn’t that I’m not hopeful or optimistic. It is just not happening. Every single day, every single moment, the constant grip of fear is just paralyzing. It is not a fright that will go away once it scares you, but it is a fainting fear that lingers. I know, faith moves mountains, and miracles occur. A powerful faith will see through the end… However, I’m tired of this battle… I don’t care anymore.

What’s Faith

Faith is not an it, but a response towards God as His word speaks so. We are led by blind faith when it is out of sync with His word.

An Entrusted Deposit

Perhaps, Satan wants to distract you with little problems bubbling here and there, in different forms and sizes. There is only one goal at hand, to put you in doubt, in despair, and be ineffective in life. For now, none of us knows how the circumstances come together, whether Satan seeds the event, the person contributes to it, or God allows the happening. But it is for sure that God tempts no one with sickness or a job loss to drive a person into doubts and despair. Simultaneously, it is also certain that Satan’s goal remains despite the circumstances, that is to lead man away from God.


Life is tough, while days were bad. It doesn’t matter. You have the choice to not succumb to the circumstances. Along the way, it is tempting to look at the premade choices that are discouraging, but the reality is that those alternatives are not helpful. Still, you have the liberty to see the light in every trial. You have the Word of God to discern the way that leads to life. It is more than a matter of choice, but a lifestyle. A lifestyle that acknowledges one’s inadequacies, and thus aligns oneself with the spoken reality that God had established since the beginning of the world. When heaven meets the world, you are bridging the gap and living that reality.

“Resist him, firm in your faith, knowing that the same kinds of suffering are being experienced by your brotherhood throughout the world.” — 1 Peter 5:9


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